Rosehip Serum

Rosehip Serum

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Rose oil can help fade scars and marks including those from acne while retoring moisture balance and thinning out  fine lines and wrinkles.  Rosehip has been used since acient times by the Eygptians and Mayans for healing properties  but also to correct dark spots by penetrates into deeper layers of the skins, hydrate dry and ichy skins helping protect from age spots. Lastly, Rosehip contains fatty acids that can reduce the effects of Eczema promoting regeneration.

In combination, leaving you skin feeling and looking younger , brighter, and refreshed.

Ingredients: Rose, Rosehip and Lavender Essential Oils blended with Coconut, Jojoba, Carrot Seed and Grapeseed OIl to make the perfect combination to brighten and rejuvinate any facial type. 

2 oz