REALITY Collection

REALITY Collection

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because life sucks sometimes and we can't control what goes on.... 

This Reality Roll-On Collection is for every lifes unexpected chaos. Each of the 6 roll-on's serves a purpose for those moments. 

I AM ENOUGH- Essential Oil Blends infused with Rose Quartz and gives you alittle love yourself time as needed

SEXY TIME- Essential Oil Blends infused with Carnelian for the times in life when you are bringing sexy back.

CLEAR HEADED-Essential Oil Blends infused with Citrine when overwelming crap that builds up prevents you from focusing on your priorties. 

LUCKY B****- Essential Oil Blends infused with Green Aventurine is for when your ass is broke and need alittle extra to get your through the month or maybe just alittle extra good Karma.

KEEP CALM...ROLL ON...- Essential Oil Blends infused with Amethyst so you don't pull your hair out from Stress or you don't lose your shit when the kids are driving you insane.

GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE- Essential Oil Blends infused with Tourmaline to help keep all the bad juju from screwing up your life even more than you have. Protection not only from negative energies but negative people and banishes both from your life.