Milk Bath

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Rose Petals & Lace

Rose Petals have long since been use for beauty. Soak in a the soft and luxuious comination of Rose petals, Pink Sea Salt, milk and oats that will leave your skins hydrated and silky smooth.

French Milk

Essential Combination of Lavender & Chamomile that creates a relaxing moment after a long day. The creamy milk will assist in leaving you body soft and silking throughout the night. 

English Tea

Hints of honey and milk bring out the perfect blend of lavender ,rose, and lemonbalm to sink into .

Cleo's Sister

Cleopatra was known for her milk baths to keep her skin looking young, well Cleo's Sister is our verson of that ancient formula. A mix of lavender, orange peel, rosemary and lemonbalm to assist you in keep radiant skin.