Crystal Chip Infused Glass Water Bottle

Crystal Chip Infused Glass Water Bottle

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Let the healing powers of your favorite  crystal infused your water and fill your body. 

Each crystal has the ability to create a specific intention : 

ROSE QUARTZ- " Love Stone"  Self Love , balance in relationships and inner healing. Assist with forgiveness and grief as well expands thr heart energy.  

AMETHYST- Anxiety, fatigue, focus, good for bones & joints. Protects from negative energy . Speeds up healing process good anti-inflammatory 

CITRINE- "Happy Stone" Boosts Happiness, Memory, confidence and strength. Great for manifesting  and achieving goals

CLEAR QUARTZ- Cleansing, Healing  and Clarity. Supports Circulatory system 

MOONSTONE- Energy, passion and Intuition . Brings success in business. This is the ultimate crystal for womanhood and femininity through balance of hormone cycles. Reduces stress 

CARNELIAN - Abundance,Prosperity and Ambition. Will give willpower, energy and drive.  Helps reduce anger and control addiction. IMMUNE System Support

CALCITE- Balances emotions, removes fears and helps overcome depression. Helps with reproductive system and Intestinal Disorders. Assists with creative process 

AMBER- "Healing Stone" Emotional healing and strength. Aborbs Pain. Assists with phobias and fears 

AVENTURINE-" Opportunity Stone" Prosperity, imagination and Healing. Promotes harmony, boost gratitude and good luck. Balances Blood Pressure, stimulates metabolism and helps with Heart related issues. 

BLOODSTONE- Helps with colds, reduces blood pressure and supports circulatory system. Boosts physical activity and motivation. Mood stabilizer and has the ability to bring out the true character of a person. Grounding.