Carrier Oil

Carrier Oil

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Carrier oil can have several different purposes.  The main use is to dilute essential oils and help "carry" them into your skin. Carrier oils are often used since some essential oils are potent and can cause irritations to your skin.

Most carrier oils are unscented or extremely naturally lightly scented so they don't interfere with an essential oils therapeutic properties. 

Our carrier oils are cold- pressed, 100 % pure, 100% Organic and additive & preservative free. 

Unrefined Coconut Oil- comes from fresh coconut meat and not processed with chemicals.  USES: Coconut oil contains skin-nourishing fatty acids which makes a great carrier oil for massage oils, and skin care products

Grapeseed Oil-comes from grape seeds. Its lightweight and easily absorbed through your skin USES: Its rich in vitamin E and thought to heal the skin & reduce wrinkles.